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Apistogramma paucisquamis und A. mendezi
Parasphaerichtys lineatus
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  Hoplias aimara Amapa Brazil
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  Markiana nigripinnis
  Mystus tengara (M. carcio)
  Orthosternarchus tamandua
  Barbonymus altus and B. schwanefeldii
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  Extraordinary rare thorny catfish from Peru

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Extraordinary rare thorny catfish from Peru

The Thorny Catfishes (Doradiae) are a small family of exclusively South American catfish. Currently 41 genera containing 127 species are known, but continuously new species become discovered. The l » read more

Bangana behri

For the first time ever we were able to import a quite bizarre species of carp from Southeast Asia: Bangana behri. This up to 45 cm long relative of Labeo has in adult state a horn on the head and a l » read more