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Cetopsis cf. parma
Compsaraia samueli
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  Axelrodia stigmatias Colombia
  Paracheirodon simulans
  Ctenochromis polli (= Haplochromis polli)
  Ompok bimaculatus and O. pabda
  Gorgeous Crystal Red shrimps arrived!
  Nemapteryx nenga
  Brotia herculea
  L24 has been described: Pseudacanthicus pitanga

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Ctenochromis polli (= Haplochromis polli)

One expects cichlids of the Haplochromis relationship rather in eastern Africa than in the Congo region. However, a few species appear there. Three species of the genus Ctenochromis (formerly place » read more

Cetopsis coecutiens

This species is legend. Cetopsis coecutiens becomes up to 40 cm long and is spread very far over South America - and feared! The animals are merciless hunters. Even when trapped in a fish cast they bi » read more