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Crenicichla sp. Fire Spot Venezuela (= sp. Inirida III)
Tanganicodus irsacae
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  Ageneiosus marmoratus
  Blind cave tetras
  Rhodeus ocellatus
  Cyprinella lutrensis (=Notropis lutrensis)
  Pearl cichlids - German bred ones available!
  L-numbers: the season starts for species from the Rio Tapajós!
  Aphyosemion gabunense
  Semifinal! Brazil vs. Germany

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Cyprinella lutrensis (=Notropis lutrensis)

Beautiful Cyprinella lutrensis in stock! There are many species of small cyprinids in North America, but only very few of them have made a career as ornamental fish. In contrast to the European mi » read more

Pseudotropheus crabro

The colorful mouthbrooders from Lake Malawi - the so called mbuna - belong to the most popular aquarium fish over decades already. They are also called the "coralfish of freshwater", for - like their » read more