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Farlowella platorhynchus
Potamotrygon menchacai
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  Channa panaw
  Chaetostoma L455 Tiger
  Piaractus brachypomus ALBINO
  Cephalosilurus apurensis
  Coreoperca cf. liui
  Panaqolus albivermis, L204
  Osphronemus laticlavius
  First import of Rhadinoloricaria macromystax

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Chaetostoma L455 Tiger

After quite a long time we were able again to import the pretty Chaetostoma sp. L455 Tiger from Peru. Generally speaking, species belonging to Chaetostoma do not attract by nice coloration, but thi » read more

Aegla plaentsis

There are more than 60 species, all of them exclusively inhabitants of freshwater, in the genus Aegla, which belongs to the family Aeglidae. All Aegla species are inhabitants of southern South America » read more