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Hyphessobrycon takasei
Ituglanis cf. metae
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  Acrossocheilus paradoxus
  Megalamphodus sweglesi Albino
  Gorgeous Dicrossus maculatus arrived!
  Flyer-cats from Brazil!
  Rasbora vulcanus
  Hydrolycus armatus Orinoco
  It doesn´t have to be always sidthimunki….
  Leporacanthicus from the Rio Tapajós: L263 and L264

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It doesn´t have to be always sidthimunki….

These dwarfish relatives of the clown loach have done a kind of odyssey in respect of the generic name in the past. Both were originally described in the genus Botia. Later they were placed in Ya » read more

A brandnew Corydoras - Corydoras sp. aff. potaroensis

Sometimes it’s hard to believe. If one reminds that currently 160 species of Corydoras are scientifically accepted, plus 159 C-numbers, plus 107 CW-numbers, it is more than likely that every newly imp » read more